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My Year In Review

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

This year was filled with many ups, downs, and all - arounds. I think it's safe to say that no one expected this many interesting events in one year. Unfortunately, many people lost their lives or experienced some form of hardship. It's easy to focus on the negatives that occurred during this hectic year, but we should also be thankful for the positives that came out of this year. I challenge you to write down five good things that came out of this year for you.

I'm taking the time to write about the wins (big and small) that I've been able to witness this year to remind myself that trouble don't last always and to also send some inspiration to you for the new year.

Every year I create a "20xx Goals" list to hold myself accountable for all the goals I desire to achieve. Surviving a global pandemic is an accomplishment within itself, but considering the circumstances, I was not able to complete 100% of the goals on my list and that's okay. I encourage you to start 2021 off with a vision board session and write down (yes, physically write down) everything you want to achieve, big and small. Take your vision board and hang it somewhere that you can see everyday, to remind yourself not to give up - you'll be surprised how much you'll accomplish in a year. Below are my top five milestones that I'm most proud of this year, with tips on how you can achieve similar goals too!

1. I launched my own graphic design business and YouTube channel

I knew that I wanted to turn my hobby of designing graphics and websites into a side hustle and I had a unique fascination with video editing as well. With a lot of courage and patience, I took a chance on myself and launched Unbrelievable Designs, created a YouTube channel, and opened a Redbubble online store. Step 1 was for me to develop a business plan and really think about how I want to grow my business for the future. Step 2 was creating a website and growing my online presence. The most efficient way to expand your business is through social media, but I honestly spent most of this year learning about social media marketing and preparing for applying my knowledge in 2021. With my learning strategy, I also gained a Google Analytics Certification and I recommend everyone get at least 1 certification to grow their skillset. The hardest part about launching a business is actively starting, so my biggest piece of advice is to launch what you already have prepared and just perfect it later.

2. I graduated from college with a business degree

Hat's off to any and everyone who graduated this year. Having my Senior year disrupted mid - March was absolutely unexpected, but it taught me how to adapt to changing circumstances and that not everything will go as planned. Going 100% online with my classes was novel, but this also prepared me for the new work - from - home norm. If you're currently in college, I encourage you to still attend campus events even though they are now virtual, because they come with invaluable networking opportunities that will help you in the long run. Make the most out of your college experience by taking advantage of growth opportunities such as attending alumni panels, holding leadership positions, and volunteering in the community, because some people were not fortunate enough to make it this far.

3. I earned several fulfilling project management roles

I started this year off with my third internship semester at Mailchimp as a

Project Management Intern. I really grew a passion for project management in this role and was able to apply my knowledge from my Information Systems degree to help lead a few product software engineering teams. After my internship ended, I earned a summer internship at OMNY Health that turned into a full - time Junior Project Manager role just two months later. This was my first full - time post grad role and I truly learned key lessons about managing multiple projects at a startup company. At the end of this year, I received an incredible job offer at one my DREAM companies and could not be more excited. I'm so excited to be an Associate Project Manager at Salesforce!! The key to landing your dream role is to network, network, network. LinkedIn is the best tool to use to connect with professionals in your field and especially at a company you desire to work at. During your job hunt, take the time to strengthen your resume, cover letter, and grow your skills, but remember that building valuable relationships is what really gets you noticed!

4. I stuck to my financial budget every month

I've always been pretty good with managing my finances, but this year I really wanted to take budgeting seriously. I'm extremely proud of myself for consistently budgeting each month and saving for the future. No matter your financial situation, you have the power to properly budget your money and I'm here to encourage you to do so! I recommend using Dave Ramsey's "Every Dollar" budgeting app. Input your monthly income and allocate a certain amount for every expense you have, so that you can keep track of where every dollar is going. Each time you spend money, track it in the app and monitor how much you're spending in a particular area. I also listen to Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan podcasts to learn more about making smart financial decisions. My biggest tip is to always pay yourself first. I strongly suggest you save money each month for emergencies in a high interest savings account or in a legit investment fund, before buying something...especially if that something is not a need.

5. I strengthened my relationship with God

Last, but most importantly, my biggest goal this year was to spend more time with God and to really understand his messages in the Bible. I can honestly say that without Him, none of my accomplishments would have been made possible. When you genuinely pray and ask God to show you your purpose in life, He will guide your steps. I can't express how many times I almost gave up on my goals this year and lost hope, but through Christ Jesus, I had the strength to persevere and fulfil my purpose. If you are a believer, I strongly encourage you to read at least one chapter from the Bible every day and to directly speak to God and ask Him for clarity, guidance, hope, patience, and peace. It may not happen overnight, but if you are consistent with prayer, then you will start to see a positive change in your life. Thanks to my faith, I have to acknowledge and include God in everything I do, because He has blessed me infinitely and I want to share my blessings with you. I can truly do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

I am most thankful for my health, my family, and my friends, because having these priceless gifts is what matters most to me. This pandemic really helped me to slow down in life and to take each day as they come. I think we all needed some time to self - reflect and to recharge ourselves at home, while keeping ourselves and others safe. Remember that every delay is not a denial and with hard work and faith you can do anything you put your mind to. Be proud of yourself for any and everything that you accomplished during this pandemic! Thanks for reading my post and I pray that you have a very prosperous and peaceful new year!

What are you most thankful for this past year?

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