Fearlessly and Wonderfully Made. 

Unbrelievable Designs & Media (UDM) is a freelance creative media agency that produces exceptional content to capture the hearts and minds of the community.

Founded in May 2020, Unbrelievable Designs & Media (UDM) is an Atlanta, Georgia-based creative agency specializing in graphic design, web design, social media content creation, and real estate virtual marketing. As a black female-owned business, UDM bridges the gap between customized assets and global accessibility grounded by our values. We provide services to all, with a focus on small businesses looking to grow their brand with quality designs that are produced quickly. We use various design tools to create beautiful work according to your needs, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


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Meet The Founder 

About The Brand 

Ambrielle August is a creative creole techie that developed her freelance business from a passion for technology and art.  She has over five years of experience working at large tech companies and tech startups as a web developer, email marketer, project manager, product manager, and product marketing manager.  Accompanied by a degree in Information Systems and Marketing from Kennesaw State University,  Ambrielle has gained the necessary skills to be an influential business leader and partner to you.

She strives to produce precisely what you envision through customized consultations and a natural eye for design. 

Founder Highlights

KSU Information Systems & Security Advisory Board Member

Adobe Illustrator Certified by International Open Academy

BOLDforce ATL Marketing & Communications Chair 

Full-Time Salesforce Product Marketing Manager

Google Certified Project Manager

Forbes Under 30 Scholar 

Our Values


With a strong spiritual foundation, UDM is deeply rooted in humility. We give thanks to God for all that we have, which enables us to be servant leaders to you and the community.


We build lasting relationships with our customers that grow their confidence and trust in the prosperity of their business. As honest partners to you, we ensure that the services you receive exceed your expectations.


Assets that are uniquely yours are what you will receive every time. Our imaginative and original ideas help bring your greatest dreams to life and these ideas can grow as your business grows.


When you are successful, we are successful. We prioritize your satisfaction and the growth of your business. To fulfill our purpose we work together with our customers to accomplish aligned goals.